The forgotten room

I was browsing the internet this morning looking for inspiration to brighten up a forgotten room in our home. We use it everyday but somehow it’s the most bland room in our home and its also overlooked in 90% of all the homes I tour as a real estate agent… The Laundry Room!!!

With two big bulky appliances and a shelf over the top I figured it would be next to impossible to dress it up, until I found a fantastic blog I absolutely love what they achieved with their laundry room. It’s bright and fresh and hides all the ugly necessities of keeping a house clean. It would be just to easy to put my own twist on the color schemes and trinkets they used to beautify the room.

What are your thoughts? How would you put your spin on this room? Comment below!!!

Check out their full article


Awesome restaurant for your next date night!

Last week we ventured downtown for a much needed date night. Dinner and a movie at River Park Square, we enjoyed a fantastic meal at Tortilla Union. I made reservations easily online from their website and we were immediately greeted and seated. The staff was absolutely top notch from hospitality to menu suggestions. The menu pricing is reasonable especially for the generous portions of food. They have created a fantastic atmosphere with beautiful and tasteful decorations and lighting. Definitely a great date night dining experience before catching a movie downtown. five stars across the board! My girlfriend even stated that if she could get a gift card for any restaurant from her family or friends she would request it be for tortilla union.

Visit Tortilla Unions Website


5 Things to consider before buying land

The American dream,buy land, build a home, live happily ever after. Purchasing a piece of the earth played a major role in my decision to become a real estate agent, there is something primitive and spiritual about owning a few acres of the earth. Living in the northwest I am constantly meeting people that have that same fire and passion to own acreage. The dream varies from person to person, some want a small farming operation, a few desire hunting opportunity, almost all of them crave the quiet and serenity of the country. Whatever your dream is here are a few things to consider when shopping for your land.

  1. Feasibility: Will the property allow for my intended use of the property? This is a vital question to ask and in Washington we have a entire contingency period dedicated to answering this question. A few of the items you may want to address is zoning, cc&r’s, building restrictions and tax classifications.
  2. Infrastructure: Is power available? Internet? Cable? Water? You may want to investigate the utilities you will need including driveways and or roads.
  3. Survey: Where is my property line? I dream of the day when every land seller has a survey completed prior to listing their land, but that may never happen. Knowing where the property lines are can be really helpful when investigating the feasibility of the property.
  4. Location: It’s the oldest saying in all of real estate “location, location, location” Knowing where you would like to buy land will help your real estate agent dial in and find properties that may work for you.
  5. Financing: Banks and Credit unions can be an excellent resourse for questions on financing vacant land.

Buying land has it’s unique challenges, it’s a fun and exciting process and I would love to assist you in anyway possible!

Smooth Sailing for Sellers

Smooth Sailing for sellers

I love working with home sellers! My favorite part is hearing the stories behind their home, improvements they have made and memories of family gatherings. Unfortunately selling your home can be stressful so I have put together this blog to address some common issues.

     1.Leave the home for showings if possible! 

I cant preach this enough, the buyer needs to imagine themselves living in your home and that is not easy to do with the current owner sitting on the couch!  Now I understand and appreciate that there is circumstances when you just can’t leave but if at all possible leave the home.

2. Don’t panic when repairs are requested! 

Often times I hear sellers say “The buyer is looking for a way out!” when a buyer request repairs. That’s simply not the case, because they could just as easily walk away utilizing the same form that they requested the repairs on! The buyer is still negotiating with you at this point. So take a breath, review their request and move forward as you see fit.

     3. Don’t wait to long to start packing!

I have seen many closings get delayed because the seller waited too long to get packed up and moved out, it can create a lot of stress if your still sweeping the floor when the buyer arrives for their keys!


    4. Keep the house in show ready condition at all times! 

You don’t want to be scrambling to get the house ready for a showing an hour before the buyer arrives, keep the home clean as possible from the time the photos are taken until closing day!